White Leaf Provisions

Biodynamic Organic Baby Food Pear + Banana + Kiwi — Carton of 6 (90g) pouches


Minimum Order Size: 4 units
Wholesale: $8.68
MSRP: $17.94

Product Description

White Leaf Provisions Biodynamic Organic Pear+Banana+Kiwi Sauce Pack is a great solution for ensuring your family eats fresh, wholesome fruit, as nature intended. Our fruit sauce packs are made with organically grown fruit, using biodynamic farming techniques that allow the earth to regenerate. When you give your family pure organic foods, you’re helping to develop healthy bodies along with great eating habits.


Biodynamic Organic pear+banana+kiwi sauce is made with seasonal fruit.

Product Dimensions

7.5” x 3” x 5.25”

About the Brand

White Leaf Provisions, has created a line of baby & family foods that care as much about pure ingredients as the farming behind the ingredients. All of our products go beyond Organic and non-GMO standards, by being 100% regeneratively farmed, helping to heal the planet that our kids will inherit.

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