Miracle Noodle

Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese


Minimum Order Size: 20 units
Wholesale: $4.03
MSRP: $4.19

Product Description

Forget searching high and low for a solid gluten-free, non-GMO or vegan Bolognese recipe! Miracle Noodle Spaghetti Bolognese is the tasty, healthy and convenient solution. Our ready-to-eat, vegan spaghetti Bolognese is unlike your typical, traditional version. This is our take on Pasta Bolognese, which means it contains no gluten, grains, animal products or GMOs. In other words, it's way better for you!

Miracle Noodle ready-to-eat vegan spaghetti Bolognese only has 80 calories per serving - that's much less than the calories in spaghetti Bolognese sauce you'd get at an Italian restaurant or in your mom's kitchen - and relatively low carbs and fat. Make sure to read the Miracle Noodle spaghetti Bolognese reviews on this page to see exactly why our customers love this product.


Konjac Shirataki Noodles, Jack Fruit, Tomato, Tomato Paste, Onion, Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, Water, Garlic, Sweet Basil Leaves, Salt and White Pepper.

Product Dimensions

5.5 x 7.2 x 1.5

About the Brand

We offer a line of products consistent with the health goals of our customers, making healthy eating easy and delicious. All of our products are non-gmo, vegan, and grain free with an ever expanding option of organic options as well.

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