Magic Mix

Surprise Fries


Minimum Order Size: 6 units 
Wholesale: $6.00 
MSRP: $8.95

Product Description

Ok we know this is weird and that’s why “SURPRISE!” but seriously these dehydrated coconut strips could look like fries and who doesn’t love savory garlic and parsley fries??? And because we love all the things that are bad for us but not the way they make us feel we make healthier versions to never deprive cravings but still feel magical. Voila, Surprise Fries. You can thank us later.


*coconut meat, *parsley, * garlic cloves, *nutritional yeast, *olive oil, *lemon juice

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About the Brand

Magic Mix was born out of our desire to make healthy living effortless and accessible for people with busy lifestyles.

All of our products are produced locally, in small batches, at our retail space in Manhattans Financial District and tick all the boxes: organic, plant-based, gluten and dairy free - always made with love and magic.

What started as our founders personal quest for healing has now been transformed into empowering others to make bio-Individual choices that fit their lifestyle - to eat better, think better, feel better, live better.

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