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Under Eye Gel


Minimum Order Size: 6 units
Wholesale: $30.00
MSRP: $68.00

Product Description

A rich and concentrated formula of herbs, flowers, and plants like lavender, moringa and avocado work to combat wrinkles, dark circles and aging skin around the eyes. Our under eye gel firms and protects the skin around your eyes. An absolute must for your ayurvedic skincare routine.

Perfect for:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Loose skin
  • Wrinkles

Key ingredients:

  • Lavender is a known anti inflammatory which helps stimulate cell regeneration and removes acne.
  • Moringa is a natural collagen boosting plant, which helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Very high in antioxidants.
  • Avocado is rich in fatty acids, vitamin e and potassium which is an excellent moisturizer for skin. 


  • Water
  • Lavender oil
  • Xanthan gum
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Thyme extract
  • Olive oil
  • Wheatgerm oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Moringa extract
  • Avocado oil
  • Orange peel extract
  • Fenugreek seed extract
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Natural vitamin a
  • Natural vitamin

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About the Brand

Balanced skincare from a different millennium -discovered deep in India’s lush forests. Protecting our planet and its people.

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