OpulenceMD Beauty

SanitEyes Lash and Lid Sanitizer


Minimum Order Size: 100 units
Wholesale: $12.50
MSRP: $25.00

Product Description

A safe and effective eyelid, eyelash, and lash extension spray formulated to clean this delicate area. It is all natural and effective against microorganisms. Use up to twice daily to leave any surface clean and refreshed. -Dissolves oil, debris, and dead skin cells -Non-irritating -Natural anti-microbial properties -Safe to use on lash extensions of any type


Hypochlorous acid, electrolyzed water, distilled water

Product Dimensions

5in (height) and 1 3/4in (width)

About the Brand

OpulenceMD Beauty provides products that combine luxury and glamour with safety and quality. The entire line is curated by Dr. Anika Goodwin, someone who knows and understands the needs of your eyes better than most - because as an Ophthalmologist she has devoted the last 17 years of her life caring for them. Accept no substitute, because your vision is worth it.

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