Local Time

Rest skip the jet lag: a soothing downshift to sleep


Minimum Order Size: 3 units
Wholesale: $20.00
MSRP: $38.00

Product Description

Ease your body into a restful state, prepared for enhanced sleep quality. This gentle blend of floral herbs and roots calms your nervous system and grounds your body, even while cruising at 35,000 feet.

Hectic transitions, sleep deprivation and changing time zones kicks your body into overdrive and disrupts your circadian rhythm. This healing team of restful caretakers delivers just what you need to relax, so that your body can recharge.


Organic Coconut juice powder, Organic Tremella extract, Organic Californian Poppy extract, Organic Skullcap extract, Organic Valerian extract, Organic Chamomile extract, Organic Hops extract, Organic Passionflower extract, Organic Lavender extract, Organic Griffonia extract, Organic Stevia, Melatonin

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About the Brand

Local Time is a travel wellness company that’s on a mission to rebalance the impact of flying on the body and on the planet. Our potent, plant-based supplements for rest, energy, immunity, radiation and hydration optimize wellbeing at every stage of the modern journey. Landing on Local Time is about feeling amazing on arrival – alert, energized, creative, aglow – ready to meet your next adventure.

From the potency of our products to our compostable packaging, Local Time supports travelers who care about personal and planetary wellbeing. Our vision is to catalyze a culture shift in flying, reframing the experience of travel from survival to wellness, from passive consumption to conscious participation.

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