Deep Sleep Ritual


Minimum Order Size: 6 units
Wholesale: $14.50
MSRP: $28.99

Product Description

Deep Sleep Body Oil is a Geranium body oil that is formulated to get you to tune out, and reset. Flowers have feelings too, and this special flower is known for its ability to provide emotional support, allowing you to completely melt away the day. Expect to feel soothed, loved, and ready for a deep sleep.


Rice Bran Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Tocopherol Oil, Essential Oils

Product Dimensions

2" x 7.25"

About the Brand

All of our products aim to help others reclaim healthier lives by detoxifying, rejuvenating and soothing the body from the inside out. Our formulations are created from pure ingredients sourced from nutrient-rich waters and  primordial earth. Our ingredients are Eco-cert, organic, hand-harvested or sustainably farmed from France.

Many of our products assist in ridding the body of heavy metals, radioactive materials, and damage from daily stressors. We formulated our products to help with the daily stresses that our bodies have to deal with from radiation emitted by our cell phones, laptops, tablets, and their networks.

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