Plant-based Bogobrush


Minimum Order Size: 24 units
Wholesale: $3.50
MSRP: $6.50

Product Description

Our plant-based bio-plastic is mixed with leftover plant material from American farms to create this beautifully biodegradable toothbrush handle. Throw them in your compost pile after they wear out - from the Earth and back again.


  • plant-based bio-composite (starches from corn, sugar cane, and sugar beets)
  • highest quality nylon bristle (industry qualified “soft bristles” with the tips polished by ceramic)

Product Dimensions

7.7”h x 0.7”d

About the Brand

Bogobrush planet loving oral, that cares. Meet sustainable, made in America toothbrushes that unite beautiful design with a giveback to connects us in our communities. We offer two options for conscious consumers wanting to brush for a better world - our colorful upcycled + recyclable collection, and our plant-based compostable toothbrushes (made of planet-friendly materials leftover on American farms, like bio flax, spent coffee grounds, and hemp). For every brush sold, we give back 10% to sustainability causes in local communities, from planting trees and donating brushes to charities supporting folks in need, we also roll up our sleeves for neighborhood clean-ups in our resilient hometown, Detroit. Because we believe the world needs a toothbrush worth caring about.

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