nodpod - The Weighted Blanket for your Eyes


Minimum Order Size: 20 units
Wholesale: $19.20
MSRP: $32.00


Product Description

Meet Nodpod. All the benefits of a weighted blanket, in a sleep mask. Nodpod’s innovative strap-free design is like a hug for your head. Sink into your best night's sleep.

No Elastic or Velcro – Lays freely over your eyes or secure with our pull-through slit
Microbead Pods – Four weighted pods with machine washable microbeads
Dual comfort – Cooling jersey cotton on one side, flip for warm microfiber fleece
Scallop Edge – Contours to your face for total light-blocking comfort
Hollow Ends – Head-resting comfort in any sleeping position
Icy Pods – Stays soft and flexible, even right out of the freezer.


100% Jersey Cotton 100% Microfleece 100% Polyethylene (PE) Beads

Product Dimensions

29" x 4"

About the Brand

As I tried to find the best fill material to weight my idea for a strap-free sleep mask, I discovered the clinical phenomenon of Deep Touch Pressure- the science of applying gentle pressure to your body to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep. Pretty amazing right? I thought so too.

So I got to thinking, couldn't we all benefit from this? It became my mission to create a sleep mask that would do so much more than just block the light, as we can all use less stress and more sleep in our busy lives.

We believe that when you are well-rested you are the…
happy you…
creative you…
productive you…
confident you…
playful you…
healthy you…
the best you.
Here's to a good night's sleep and the version of you that makes you happy.

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