Minimum Order Size: 4 units
Wholesale: $42.00
MSRP: $84.00

Product Description

Impossible To Resist
Nitro Noir is a remarkable and decadent scent. It is spicy, intoxicating and hypnotic. Designed for the individualist looking to get noticed in a crowd, but made for more than going out. 

Vibe: Intoxicating - Hypnotic
Olfactive Harmony: Chypre - Floral – Gourmand


Key Ingredients:  Italian Bergamot - Pink Berries - Orris – Patchouli
Eau de Parfum:  Premium quality with 20% Fragrance Concentration

Product Dimensions

2.5' x 2.5" x 5 1/4'

About the Brand

KIERIN NYC is a bold, disruptive brand challenging the rules of fragrance.
Unlike conventional fragrance brands, KIERIN NYC invites people "to be inspired, not defined or confined, by fragrance."

KIERIN NYC is artistic, genderless and individualistic. Diversity and inclusion are core to the brand and not just presented as an afterthought. KIERIN NYC is a brand for young people of all ages, colors and nationalities.

Each fragrance is an artfully crafted collage of scents inspired by real NYC stories and the energetic vibes of an urban lifestyle. KIERIN NYC connects the human experience of scent with story telling and hopes that people will make the brand deeply personal through their own individual #MyKierin stories.

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