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Mindful Makeover is a 30-day Workbook and Guide; it is action-based offering the reader one question per day and practical skills that can be applied right away. This Workbook is written in a gentle, loving way, yet offers questions that will help the reader identify any barriers, blocks, and/or beliefs that are holding them back from feeling good and truly experiencing life in the present moment. Each day the reader is offered practical skills that will help them heal, overcome, transform, and navigate through everyday life. There is a lot of people talking about Mindfulness right now, but not a lot of people are talking about what it actually means, how to start, and beyond that how to maintain a Mindful life when things such as anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and grief are still real. This Workbook is a tool and guide to help the reader learn how to live Mindfully and work towards reaching their highest potential. Within this Workbook, the author offers an easy, simple, evidenced-based formula she created referred to as The Magic Four which includes the key principles: Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability, and Action. By the end of this experience, the reader will know and understand what has been in their way and they will have the skills needed to return to the present moment when dwelling on the past and/or worrying about the future.


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Mindful Living offers products and services created to empower individuals as they work towards reaching their highest potential and a higher level of consciousness.

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