Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask

Minimum Order Size: 10
Wholesale: $15
MSRP: $45

Product Description

Simple, 100% natural ingredient – each mask is infused with 15-ml of Rosa Damascena water, known for its rejuvenating qualities and concentrated hydration. With fibers 500 times thinner than skin tissue, the gel-like bio-cellulose material hugs your skin seamlessly to deliver the revitalizing rose water deep into your skin, for extra pampering



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About the Brand

MíDFLOWER is dedicated to providing you the finest ingredients and eliminating preservatives to help you with your beauty goals. We recognize how vital water is in developing sheet masks that deliver better, long lasting results. Instead, of using just regular ‘ol water, our masks are crafted with the power of floral water. Our silky soft sheet masks are infused with the essence of pure, floral water - signaling feelings of love, care and gentleness. We keep Mother Nature in mind by utilizing all natural, biodegradable plant fibers. Treat yourself to the sweet embrace of our sheet masks at any moment to renew, moisturize or to purify your skin.


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