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L.I.D.S. Eye Sunscreen


Minimum Order Size: 100 units
Wholesale: $14.00
MSRP: $28.00

Product Description

Did you know that eyelids are the most missed area when applying sunscreen? Of course they are because sunscreen burns your eyes. Well, not anymore. L.I.D.S eye specific sunscreen promises protection from the sun without the burn. Apply directly to the upper and lower lids and lower your incidence of direct sunlight and eyelid skin cancers!


Coconut oil Apricot Kernal Oil Carrot Seed Oil Raspberry Seed Oil Zinc Oxide Candelilla Wax Cacao Seed Butter Dimethicone Hyaluronic Acid

Product Dimensions

1.5 in (height) 2in. (wide)

About the Brand

OpulenceMD Beauty provides products that combine luxury and glamour with safety and quality. The entire line is curated by Dr. Anika Goodwin, someone who knows and understands the needs of your eyes better than most - because as an Ophthalmologist she has devoted the last 17 years of her life caring for them. Accept no substitute, because your vision is worth it.

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