indi chocolate

Cacao Spice Rub Set

Minimum Order Size: 11 units
Wholesale: $45.00
MSRP: $48.00

Product Description

indi chocolate spice rubs are made with 52% cacao and are very easy and versatile to work with. Enjoy Molé, Barbecue, Cacao Masala, Jamaican Jerk, Jalepeño, ​and Pacific.

Many recipes are available on the indi chocolate website:


  • Coconut Milk Powder*

Product Dimensions

5” x 10”

About the Brand

indi chocolate is the chocolate maker of Pike Place Market and also makes a variety of "beyond the bar" ways of enjoying cacao and chocolate, from spice rubs and teas to mixology kits and cocoa butter based lotions.

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