Honey & Be

Honey Rose Quartz Roller

Minimum Order Size: 10 units
Wholesale: $19.00
MSRP: $38.00

Product Description

Our Honey Rose Quartz Roller features a smaller stone and provides a more gentle facial massage, perfect for a delicate skincare routine. Facial Massage is the ultimate skin care treat that gives you a spa-like complexion- minus the appointment. Rose quartz is believed to support a deeper connection with oneself and helps to attract and receive love. It connects the mind and body for the ultimate intentional skin care routine. The Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller is an invitation to self care and its energy is a reminder for self love and confidence.

Product Specifics:

  • Designed in California
  • 100% certified authentic stones
  • Handcrafted & high quality
  • Energy cleansed before shipping
  • Tested for flawless performance
  • Unique in pattern and energy

What’s Included:

  • Handcrafted rose quartz facial roller
  • Peony print display box
  • Soft travel pouch
  • Instructions & intention setting card


  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness in the face & under the eyes
  • Tightens & tones the face
  • Relieves tension in the facial muscles


  • Made from 100% authentic rose quartz stone

Product Dimensions

7" x 3.5" x 2"

About the Brand

Honey & Be is a beauty brand that puts self care first- our products inspire others to practice the self care that they deserve. Our high quality crystal beauty tools are reminders to slow down and discover what you truly need in a self care routine.

Our products are hand crafted from 100% certified authentic and ethically sourced stones. We have thought through every part of the experience of facial massage and added features to our products to ensure high quality and flawless performance. The Honey & Be patterned product boxes were created to serve as self care reminders and of course a practical yet beautiful place to store the delicate product.

Honey & Be focuses on not only the physical benefits of facial massage but also encourages the mindfulness around slowing down and indulging in a moment of self care. Our products guide the user through a mindful beauty ritual from start to finish.

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