Elite Relief

Elite Relief Recovery Roller

Minimum Order Size: 10 units 
Wholesale: $14.50
MSRP: $29.99


Product Description

Crushing online exercise classes? Just get back from a run, bike ride or hike? While we all know exercise is important, recovery is as important too. Without it, you risk becoming injury prone. Roller devices are one of the best ways to aid muscle and cell recovery. Elite Relief can target all areas, is designed to fit YOUR body and can go anywhere. American Made. Affordable. Personalized For You. Elite Relief is recovery for every body, everywhere, every day.


4 rubber feet, 1 nylon pin, 1 plastic roller, 1 plastic base

Product Dimensions

3.9" x 3.05" x 2.37" - 5.8 oz

About the Brand

Elite Relief helps each person be and feel their very best, every day, by putting the power of recovery in their hands. We believe recovery is for everybody, everywhere - it should have no limits. Knowing that recovery is as important as nutrition and exercise, we set out to change the status quo of one size fits all. 
Even though rollers are a great way to help with recovery, all rollers are not created equal. Every body and every need is different. Other rollers can only target certain areas of your body, most lack a non-cylindrical shape limiting their affect and almost all are not portable. 
Elite Relief is an American-made recovery roller that can target all areas while it's contour shape gives a similar feeling to a deep tissue massage. It is small, versatile and economical, and will sure to be the only device you need! 


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