Cocochata Body Beverage


Minimum Order Size: 5 units 
Wholesale: $5.00 
MSRP: $10.00

Product Description

Turn your body from desert 🏜 to dessert 👅 with our new *vegan* Cocochata Body Beverage. An activating all-over moisturizer with a combination of cold-pressed organic 100% virgin coconut oil 🥥 + a light horchata (sweet cinnamon + vanilla) blend of oils, that leaves your skin + hair hydrated and smelling like heaven 😍. Crafted in California for your body and the one(s) you share it with.


100% Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil
Phthalate-free Horchata Essential Oils & Fragrance Blend

    Product Dimensions

    1.38" x 2.32"

    About the Brand

    It all starts with cinnamon... the sweeter side that is. Our skin treats are handcrafted in LA and infused with cinnamon, accentuating its signature scent and flavor, as well as its skin and health benefits. Naturally plumping, blood flow promoting, and inherently warming, cinnamon's also one of the main ingredients in our favorite beverage and main product inspiration - HORCHATA! You don't need a straw to taste the flavor and feel the tingle of SIN-MIN.

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