Brush Bubbly


An ultra-effective yet gentle makeup brush cleanser. - Powerful against the toughest liquid and cream makeup, dirt, and oil - Gentle enough for the most luxurious of natural bristles - A dollop onto the Brush Board, a splash of water, and a gentle swirling motion across one or more surfaces is all you need. - Leaves brushes squeaky clean, yet soft

Pricing (per unit): 
Wholesale: 2 oz: $5; 4 oz: $9
MSRP: 2 oz $ 10; 4 oz $18
Minimum order size:
25 units
Product Dimensions (per unit):

1.625 x 1.625 x 5.75 in.


About the Brand:
BeautyWise's line of smart, innovative tools help make makeup brush care a breeze.

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