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Acne and Dark Spot Serum

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MSRP: $30.00

Product Description

Acne and dark spot serum is an all natural formula handcrafted exclusively with a blend of essential oils & botanical extracts in a base of natural vitamin E, organic Argan and coconut oils. This blend contains natural salicylic acid derived from white willow bark extract that will easily penetrate clogged pores, minimize acne breakouts, calm redness associated with acne and promote a healthier skin layer without irritating the skin.

Zero preservatives, synthetics, sulfates, petrochemicals, or parabens 
Never tested on animals, Vegan.

THE RITUAL Use as a targeted treatment by massaging the roller onto affected area. Apply at night and wash the next day.


  • Essential oil blend of Tea Tree, lavender, lemongrass & lemon to help soothe and nourish skin reducing the appearance of active acne, dark spots and scars caused by acne.  

Product Dimensions

4x3x2 inches, 1 oz

About the Brand

Botanical Skincare Harnessing the Power of Scientific Knowledge
- Formulated by Health Professional
- Vegan/Cruelty Free

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