FounderMade is a place where bold, life-changing ideas can thrive. Through FounderMade, brands and retailers can reach new heights by making meaningful connections with industry leaders.

FounderMade organizes the world’s best conferences for consumer brands and retailers to discover and grow. Our Discovery Show, invite-only CEO Summit, and membership program support consumer brands in scaling their businesses and provides a platform for successful product launches.

Our mission is to help the most innovative, inspiring brands get to the place they belong: into the hands of those who want them.



FounderMade Market is a B2B marketplace that helps small businesses grow by enabling brands to increase awareness and sales, and by guiding retailers in discovering new brands.

Our online marketplace provides a platform for food, wellness and beauty brands to connect, educate, and sell. Approved retailers can use the FounderMade Market to discover new brands and products and make bulk purchases. To ensure a flawless experience, the marketplace supports subscription payments and manages users and content through administrative controls.