GLYDE Vegan Condoms

GLYDE SLIMFIT (Snug-fit) Ultrathin, Non-toxic & Vegan Condoms


Minimum Order Size: 12 unit
Wholesale:  $7.50
MSRP: $15.99

Product Description

Wearing the correct condom size is the key to reliable performance and pleasure - for both partners. Tailored for comfort, SLIMFIT provides a snugger, tighter fit at 49mm. Provides a tighter, snugger fit Free of risky chemicals, casein, talc, parabens and spermicides Lightly lubricated with an extra sheer and silky texture Low odor latex - no unpleasant odor or taste

Electronically tested - exceeds global requirements for strength and resilience

Certified Ethical & Vegan by the Vegan Society Non-GMO fair trade natural rubber

FDA and CE approved

Dimensions: Width 1.92"/49mm, Length 6.69"/170mm

Forget vanity marketing. The truth is approximately 35% of men need a smaller, tighter condom and GLYDE SLIMFIT provides snug-fitting reliability and comfort.

For over 20 years GLYDE SLIMFIT is the 'go-to' for a body-friendly chemical-free 49mm condom.

With our proprietary plant-based formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract, and our ‘double dipping’ technology for sheer and sturdy protection (without adding thickness), GLYDE condoms are made to feel sensational for both partners. You'll notice the difference!


Natural non-GMO rubber latex, medical-grade silicone oil

Product Dimensions

5.5 x 8.5

About the Brand

GLYDE is the world's first certified non-toxic, ethical and fair-trade condom. It’s also the only condom certified by the Vegan Society. GLYDE was created to deliver a more satisfying safer sex experience while using sustainable ingredients and cruelty-free practices.

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