Rosebud Woman

The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self


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In this book, written by our founder, Christine Marie Mason, and beautifully illustrated by the artist Ouvra, we look at our bodies, especially the usually ignored parts, and how we love and care for them. We learn more about our parts and how they interact. We have a conversation on touch, relaxation, strengthening, nourishing and nurturing them. We look into how our intimate parts rest in the pelvic bowl, which rests in the body, which is infused with blood and all the good and bad materials circulating therein. Our bodies live harnessed to our thoughts, inextricably tied to our environment. We hope this book will spark a deeper awakening to all the ways you might be in wonder at the miracle of your own body, and cherish yourself more.



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Part 1: An Invitation to Reverence and Awakening Part 2: Know Your Body Parts The Bones and Musculature of the Pelvic Bowl Strengthening and Opening the Pelvic Bowl Complex Beauty: External Genitalia Secret World: Internal Organs Part 3: Life in Cycles Part 4: Looking Inside Yourself Part 5: The Journey into Conscious Sensuality Sensuality isn't the Same as Sexuality Working with your Emotional Body Part 6: Touch and Self Massage The Importance of Touch Touch: the Basics Self-Massage Exercises and Rituals Part 7: Caring for the Skin and Tissues Part 8: Oral Supplements for Skin and Female Health Part 9: Lowering the “Body Load” Part 10: A Lifetime of Joy and Self Love

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Luxe, Plant-Based Intimate Care. We offer products and information to support all of the cycles in a woman’s life: her lifecycle, her sexual cycle, her reproductive cycle, her seasonal cycle. We are a vehicle for respect for the feminine in the world.

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