Popmask London

Starry Eyes-self heating eye masks


Minimum Order Size: 40 units 
Wholesale: $10.00 
MSRP: $20.00

Product Description

Starry Eyes is a vegan, non scented, biodegradable self heating eye mask that increases circulation and relaxes muscles around the eye area, whilst the steaming effect plumps skin.

Our self heating eye masks also aid in relieving migraines, tension headaches and can even help you sleep like a baby!

Perfect for travel, our mask starts to heat within 30 seconds of opening the pouch, helping you doze, snooze and drift away!


Outer sheet: Non-woven fabrics
Heat cell: Iron Powder Vermiculite Activated Carbon Salt

Product Dimensions


About the Brand

Popmask was created by Louisa Booth, who also founded the successful hair-tie brand, Popband London*! While traveling around the world to work on Popband, Louisa felt desperate for some self-care and relaxation. 

Louisa wanted some warmth, and comfort to get her to sleep when travelling and whilst staying in a strange hotel room. Thanks to the mask, she felt refreshed and bright-eyed after her long business flights, and at home when staying away from home.

Louisa wanted the mask to be vegan, biodegradable as well as comfortable, the mask needed to look cool enough to wear in public. So she took it upon herself to create a new, self-heating eye mask for the modern person. By combining comfort, ease of use, self-heating technology, and a fun aesthetic, Popmask was finally born!

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