kaia naturals

detox from aluminum kit

Minimum Order Size: 1 Case (3 units)
Wholesale: $21.00
MSRP: $42.00

Product Description

Perfect for those who are looking for an easy detox from aluminum, this kit will ease the process of transitioning from using an antiperspirant to natural deodorant.

Using the underarm bar in partnership with our charcoal deodorant will help eliminate odor-causing bacteria, and eliminate breakthrough odor in the transition process.


  • Sodium Chloride*

Product Dimensions

11.5cm(length) x 5.1cm(width) x 11.5cm(height)

About the Brand

kaia naturals believes in creating clean beauty for busy lifestyles.

Our mission is to research and target beauty products with the highest toxic impact, and provide high-end, clean, and cruelty-free alternatives.

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